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Самый банк семян конопли

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самый банк семян конопли

Интернет-магазин finapin.ru предлагает купить семена конопли наложенным платежом или по предоплате. Различные формы оплаты и доставки. Лучшие сидбанки мира – ТОП производителей · 1. FastBuds Seeds. FastBuds Seeds – это популярный калифорнийский банк семян. · 2. Bulk Seeds Bank – BLK Seeds. Bulk. Я люблю выращивать марихуану (ILGM) · Король Семена Урожая · MSNL Seedbank · Seedsman · Квебекские семена конопли · Семена гориллы · Семена трав · Seed Supreme. КАК ОТКРЫТЬ ТОР БРАУЗЕР НА ВЕСЬ ЭКРАН ГИДРА Самый банк семян конопли анализ на наркотики для справки на оружие


Самый банк семян конопли наркотики онкологии для обезболивании

GrowShock - Проращивание, посадка, пересадка семян конопли, каннабиса, марихуаны

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самый банк семян конопли


Neither of them is wrong. This makes it quite impossible to know what you are actually getting. Another common complaint we hear quite often is from costumers who claim the seeds they got are just not fresh. Seed resellers stock thousands of different strains. It is just impossible for them to compete with the level of freshness you would get from breeders and brands who only stock their own brand. None of them offer a germination guarantee for obvious reasons. Only a few of them provide a delivery guarantee.

Cannabis seeds resellers are like huge shopping malls of cannabis seeds. They stock thousands of strains from hundreds of breeders and brands. Also, as middlemen, they have to earn something — so be prepared to pay a bit more. When purchasing from seed brands, you can be sure you will actually get the product you paid for. It will be fresh, and in case something goes wrong, you will have someone to talk with.

After all, unlike seed resellers, they have a brand name to protect. Related Page: What is ? As expected, reputation is the most important factor by far. Reputation is mainly related to how familiar and well-established the seed bank is, but also strongly associated with how satisfied its customers are.

Luckily, unlike satisfied customers, frustrated customers tend to be quite loud. Seed resellers usually get the highest amount of negative reviews. Even more legit resellers like Seedsman tend to get a lot of negative reviews. Resellers are just middlemen. When no one is there to take responsibility for anything, it ends with frustrated customers quite frequently. The negative reviews are usually around shipping, but also related to poor genetics. Some of the seed brands and breeders also get rain of complaints, usually related to their genetics.

Just to name a few, although they are both perfectly legit, Nirvana Seeds and Growers Choice Seeds tend to get a lot of negative feed-backs. New and anonymous seed banks without any reviews should be avoided. Let others gamble their money first. In case you are wondering why some of our reviews mentioned above have only a few comments, or even none at all — this is because they are very new.

We just uploaded a new batch of seed bank reviews. Everybody gets some amount of negative reviews, top seed banks included. When shipping cannabis seeds, many things can go wrong, from busted shipments to germination problems. The more popular the seed bank is — the larger the number of negative reviews it will get, as frustrated customers are just louder. The real questions are what is the proportion of these negative reviews, how the seed bank is dealing with these cases, and how satisfied its customers are after everything is said and done.

Those negative reviews are made on different platforms, including forums, platforms like Trustpilot and others, reviews on blogs and websites just like ours , and more. In addition, some of them are fake written by competitors. Our reviews are based on our personal experience and extensive research of all the online resources available. We are doing it for years; we learned how to spot fake reviews and avoid marketing schemes.

Positive customer reviews are funny, as most of them are just fake. Genetics and reputation go hand in hand. Low-quality genetics will result in a massive amount of negative reviews. Our picks for the best genetics are : 1. MSNL 2. ILGM 3. Crop King Seeds. Another factor that goes hand in hand with reputation is customer service. Responsive and friendly customer service will result in fewer negative feed-backs, if any at all.

Reputable seed banks know that and put a lot of effort into customer satisfaction to maintain and protect their positive and reputable brand name. As mentioned earlier, even when ordering from a reputable seed bank, many things can go wrong. The most common problems are busted shipments and non-germinating seeds, but not only. Ordering from a reliable and reputable seed bank will ensure you will get what you paid for, even if not on the first try.

Reliable and reputable seed banks have better customer service; they also offer stronger guarantees. They care about their brand name and stand behind their products. In case something goes wrong — you will have someone to talk with. Seed resellers and less known seed banks have weaker guarantees, if any at all. Our picks for the best customer service are : 1. Ministry of Cannabis. This is not an easy task as many seed banks put a lot of effort and resources into their marketing, making the research task almost impossible for novice growers.

Our picks for the most reputable seed banks are : 1. Crop King Seeds 3. As explained in the previous sub-topic, the most important factor is reputation. It includes how well-known the seed bank is, the quality of its genetics, its customer service, and how satisfied its customers are in general.

The second most important factor is shipment. Different seed banks offer different shipping terms, including different shipping range, methods, rates, delivery time, and the most important — delivery guarantee. Where the seeds are shipped from is another factor to consider, but probably a less important one. Just a reminder, the seed banks in our list are all shipping to the U.

Some seed banks will ship the seeds in their original packaging. Others will ship that way only to countries and states where cannabis is legal or when stealth shipping is not needed. But when buying from seed resellers, if you really have to, you must insist on getting the seeds in their original package as a proof of their originality. The most basic option. Some online seed banks offer tracked regular shipping, while some ship without tracking. Small-medium size orders usually get it for free, but not always.

Most of the online seed banks offer stealth shipping. The seeds are removed from their packaging and sent inside random objects. Seed banks get creative with stealth shipping; you might receive your seeds inside an empty ink pen, a CD, a t-shirt, a cheap piece of jewelry, etc. This method usually comes with tracking. As complaints regarding missing shipments are probably the most common — this is the most recommended method, even for customers in areas where cannabis is legal.

With this method, you get a stealth shipment which is also tracked and insured. In case something goes wrong with the shipment busted, stolen, lost, etc. Keep in mind that different seed banks offer different delivery guarantees. Shipping to the United States usually takes around days, at least when buying from European seed banks — which are the most popular among American growers. The maximum delivery time to the U. Shipping to EU countries from European seed banks is obviously much faster. In contrast, customers from countries like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa will have to wait a bit longer.

Shipping to Canada usually takes more or less the same time as shipping to the U. But the size of the pack is the most significant factor. Bigger seed packs come with great discounts. Another factor that has a strong effect on the price is germination guarantee. Stronger guarantees will usually result in a higher price. Regular cannabis seeds are known to be cheaper, but they are not recommended. The small saving is just not worth the potential headache.

Some very few seed banks like Ministry of Cannabis offer smaller packs of 1,2 or 3 seeds. These packs are considered to be the most expensive as they are the smallest. The smaller it gets — the more you are going to pay per seed, of course.

Some seed banks have a section dedicated to promotions and special offers. This is by far the best method to reduce the price per seed , even when buying smaller packs. Instead, they reduce the price of some of their strains one in a while, or just add more free seeds for a short period. Many seed banks also announce their promotions via their newsletter and social channels.

Coupon codes are not very common; they are usually given personally to costumers who had negative experiences like delayed shipping or any other type of inconvenience. The codes are usually published in a noticeable area, like the homepage or the top of each page. Keep in mind that even when coupons are given — they are usually valid only for strains that are not under any promotion. Strains sold under regular promotions will usually be much cheaper. Many seed banks add free seeds to each and every order.

Usually, the amount of free seeds is determined by the size of the order. Obviously, larger orders typically get more free seeds. This is like having a permanent discount of Regardless of how much you choose to spend with them. Loyalty programs, sometimes called VIP programs, are an excellent way to get some extra savings for those who are going to buy seeds on a regular basis.

But only a few seed banks have them. These programs are straight forward. Not including the one-time bonuses you can get for different activities. While most of the online seed banks offer discounts for larger packs, only a few actually have a wholesale platform ready-to-go for bulk buyers. Wholesale, or bulk buyers, are those who are interested in purchasing seeds or more in one go.

When it comes to fees, Bitcoin is like cash. Most of the online seed banks stock dozens of strains, over a hundred usually. They all carry feminized and autoflower variations; most of them also stock regular ones. Gone are the days when you had to buy specific strain from one particular seed bank. Nowadays, most of the reputable online seed banks stock most of the well-known strains. While some seed banks give free seeds for this cause, others offer a germination guarantee. Some very few offer both.

Personally, we prefer to just get free seeds. So getting free seeds usually ends with more plants, assuming everything went well. Also, seed banks with a strong germination guarantee tend to be a bit more expensive. The vast majority of the online seed banks accept credit cards and bank transfers. Some of them also accept cash and Bitcoin. They often block or cancel merchant accounts without any notice.

Luckily, there are many alternatives, so these issues are usually resolved in no more than a few days. The shopping experience might not be the most crucial factor. Having advanced search filters is very useful when browsing a large number of strains. Without these filters, you will only be able to sort the listings by basic parameters like price and popularity. Advanced filters allow us to filter all strains by other factors, like growing time, THC level, plant height, yield, and so on.

Crop King Seeds and Ministry of Cannabis only have basic filters. There is basically no way to browse them by any factor other than price and popularity. Mix packs are great for those who want to sample different strains, or just grow different strains instead of the same one again and again. Their price is usually just a bit lower than the usual price. Finding a trusted seed bank that also ships to the U. There are many great-looking websites with horrible seed banks behind them.

If this is not enough, there are many marketing schemes and sponsored listings, crowning the worst seed banks as the best, and making it almost impossible to spot fake reviews. The goal of this guide is to help first-time buyers to choose the best and avoid the rest.

We hope you found it useful as we put enormous efforts into it. If you have any concerns, comments, questions, positive or negative reviews to share, insights, tips, or anything else — please leave a comment and join the discussion.

I had been buying from seed-resellers ever since, but in the last couple of years they just became too commercial. Once I started to buy from European seed brands who ship to the U. Just like to advise that you should avoid I49 seed bank Weed—Seeds Canada. They are a BC company and their seeds are absolutely terrible. No germination. Yet, Trust Pilot reviews look good. Whenever a negative post appears, they try to whitewash it with several, obviously phony, good reviews.

They respond to negative reviews saying someone from the company will get back to the reviewer to address the concern. Avoid them at all costs regardless of how appealing their variety of seeds seems. They are a complete rip-off. Overall Score. Customer Service. Shipping Range. Stealth Shipping. Seeds Quality. Seed Selection. Payment Methods. Shop Online — Types of Cannabis Seeds:. High-Yield Cannabis Seeds. Orange Bud Feminized. Girl Scout Cookies Feminized. Super Lemon Diesel Feminized.

Mazar Feminized. Purple Pineberry Feminized. Zkittlez Feminized. Super Silver Haze Feminized. Purple Power Feminized. Mango Feminized. Durban Poison Feminized. Blueberry Feminized. Purple Afghani Feminized. THC Bomb Feminized. Grandaddy Purple Feminized. Gorilla Glue Feminized. Big Blue Cheese Feminized. Sour Diesel Autoflower. Purple Hulk Autoflower. Big Bud Autoflower. Lemon OG Autoflower. Blue Dream Autoflower. Tangerine Dream Autoflower. Granddaddy Purple Autoflower.

Amnesia Autoflower. Critical Feminized. THC Snow Feminized. Mango Autoflower. Black Domino Feminized. Brains, Sagarmatha, Paradise, Serious и Soma seeds. Эти семенные компании работают над выведением новейших видов, которые посодействуют получить растения с большей выносливостью и различными качествами. В Голландии работают селекционеры со всего мира.

В Канаде также легальна продажа семян, так как они нужны не лишь для рассады, но и для потребления в еду. Диетологи и терапевты рекомендуют включить в собственный каждодневный рацион еду, которая содержит семена канабиса либо конопляное масло. При этом семенные банки тут выводят различные разновидности этого растения, которые позже продаются по всему миру.

Канадские лаборатории распространяют по всему свету свою продукцию. А США селекционированием не много кто занимается, потому фактически весь материал импортный. Во почти всех штатах легализовано коноплеводство с целью мед внедрения. В Европе разводить коноплю, чтоб продавать семенной материал, запрещено во почти всех государствах. Но продажа самих семечек ничем не наказуемо. Посреди узнаваемых компаний-сидбанков — разводчики Англии, Швейцарии и Испании.

Нужны — Mr. Nice, Owl production, Seeds-Direct. Продажа происходит открыто в сидшопах. Это происходит поэтому, что вырастить из таковых семечек можно кустики для предстоящей рассады. В итоге, засаженная плантация дает стабильный сбор зернышек, которые идут для пищевых и косметических целей, смолы — для переработки и производства фармацевтических средств, а стволы — для индустрии.

Официальное разрешение разведения каннабиса для мед сферы. Семейство конопляных имеет несколько сортов-разновидностей, посреди которых:. Все они различаются генетикой, потому и внедрение происходит, согласно хим составу.

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